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Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Akademi, in brief, are the following:

  1. to co-ordinate the activities of regional or State Akademies of dance, drama and music;
  2. to promote research in the fields of Indian dance, drama and music and for this purpose, to establish a library and museum, etc.;
  3. to co-operate with such similar academies as there may be and other institutions and associations for the furtherance of its objects and for the enrichment of Indian culture as a whole;
  4. to encourage the exchange of ideas and enrichment of techniques between the different regions in regard to the arts of dance, drama and music;
  5. to encourage, where necessary, the establishment of theatre centres, on the basis of regional languages, and co-operation among different theatre centres;
  6. to encourage the sitting up of institutions providing training in the art of theatre, including instruction in actors’ training, study of stagecraft and production of plays;
  7. to encourage and assist production of new plays by awarding prizes and distinctions;
  8. to publish literature on Indian dance, drama and music including reference works such as an illustrated dictionary of handbook of technical terms;
  9. to give recognition to and otherwise assist meritorious theatrical organizations where there are no State or regional organizations;
  10. to encourage the development of amateur dramatic activity, children’s theatre, the open-air theatre and the rural theatre in its various forms;
  11. to revive and preserve folk dance, folk music and folk drama in different regions of the country and to encouraged the development of community music, martial music, and other types of music;
  12. to sponsor dance, drama and music festivals, seminars, conferences on an all-India basis and to encourage regional festivals;
  13. to award prize and distinctions and to give recognition to individual artists for outstanding achievement in the fields of dance, drama and music;
  14. to take suitable steps for the maintenance of proper and adequate standards of education in dance, drama and music and with that object to organize research in the teaching of the said subjects;
  15. to foster cultural contacts between the different regions of the country and also with other countries in the fields of dance, drama and music;
  16. in furtherance of its objectives, to acquire by gift, purchase, exchange, lease, hire or otherwise howsoever any property movable or immovable which may be necessary or convenient for the purpose of the Society and to build, construct, improve, alter, demolish and repair such buildings, works and constructions as may be necessary for carrying out the objectives of the Society; and to sell, lease, exchange, hire or otherwise transfer all or any portion of the property movable and immovable of the Society, provided that prior approval in writing of the Central Government is obtained of for the transfer of immovable property;
  17. to do all such other acts and things either alone or in conjunction with other organizations or persons as the Akademi may consider necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above said objectives.

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