Since its inception in 1953, the Akademi has devoted itself to the furtherance of performing arts in India and seeks to achieve this by arranging performances by renowned veterans well as promising artists of younger generation, awarding scholarships and through documentation and training programmes.

Over the past 50 years, Sangeet Natak Akademi has built up a large archive of 16 mm cine material, audio tapes, video tapes, photographic images and document films on performing arts.

The total holdings of the Archives (up to March 2014) stands at 2,57,809 black-and-white and colour photographs, 40,443 colour slides, 8,361 hours of video recordings and 7,965 hours of audio recordings and approximately 1.44 lacs of 16 mm film material.

Over the years, the Akademi has built up a large archive of audio/video tapes, photographs and films on the performing arts. Since 1981, it has also added video tapes to its holdings. The material is disseminated through public facilities for audio and video viewing, music dubbing, and film projection. Material from the Akademi's archives has been extensively used in publications, films, television, and for research on their performing arts of India.

Audio (I-VI Series) (1952-1966)

Audio (SNA Series) (1967-1970)

Audio (SNA Series) (1971-1980)

Audio (SNA Series) (1981-1990)

Audio (SNA Series) (1991- 2000)

Audio (SNA Series) (2001- 2007)

Video (1981-1990)

Video (1991-2000)

Video (2001-2007)

Silent Films

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