Artists aid fund

Artists aid fund created by Akademi in recent years is meant to provide urgent help to artists in indignant circumstances and those requiring medical treatment. The aid fund will be meant for welfare of artists at all levels and would not be limited to those of national eminence. The token provision is kept under plan which is proposed to be enhanced with Akademi’s own revenues generated through various activities.

Earlier the scheme of Mediclaim was there but the Executive Board at its meeting held on 23 October, 2007 has approved the discontinuation of the scheme of Mediclaim, and in lieu to introduce a scheme of ‘Artists Aid Fund’ to be operated directly by the Akademi. It was also decided that rules for implementation of the scheme might be framed later on. The rules are yet to be framed.

The cases pertaining to reimbursement of mediclaim received from Akademi Fellows and Awardees is being directly dealt by the Akademi since 1 April, 2008, and a maximum of Rs 1.50 lakh is reimbursed to the claimant in a year. The enhancement of the maximum reimbursable amount is also under consideration.