Indo-Foreign Cultural Exchange Programme

The Akademi implements certain provisions of the cultural exchange agreements entered into by the Government of India with other countries. These provisions relate mainly to exchange of recorded music, photographs, slides and publications on the performing arts. On occasion, however, specific assignments emanating from various agreements of experts/scholars/artistes/exhibitions in the field of performing arts. It has played an important role in the field where specialized inputs were called for. In the Festivals of India abroad and the reciprocal festivals in India, the Akademi assisted in the selection of exhibitions. The Akademi also participated in some of the SAARC progrmme of activities.In the view of the fact the Akademi is the National Academy of Performing Arts, it is felt that the Akademi should participate in a more meaningfully way in the bilateral cultural exchange programmes of the Government of India with the foreign countries, with particular emphasis on, exchange of technicians/experts in the field for mutual benefit.