Promotion and Preservation of Puppetry

Under the scheme of preservation and promotion of puppetry training programmes were orginised in string puppets of Orissa, Rod puppets of West Bengal, Shadow puppets of Karnataka and Kerala. The Akademi's Museum over the years has acquired a large number of puppets from different parts of the country. Sponsoring performances by traditional puppeteers is also supported under the scheme.
Sangeet Natak Akademi sponsor shows of traditional puppetry in rural and semi-urban areas. Identified puppet groups in different states may be paid a performance fee per show up to a maximum of five shows a year. The performances may be arranged through State Government agencies or established cultural organizations involved with puppetry. Payment to the puppeteers may be made through state agencies on submission of proof of performance.
a)Production Oriented Puppet Theatre Workshop
In the last few years Sangeet Natak Akademi has organized puppet workshop in different states. These fall into three categories :
i) Experimental Workshop Putting contemporary and traditional puppeteers together with a view to making traditional puppetry more presentable.
ii) Educational Puppetry Workshop aimed at training teachers interested in puppetry for its possible educational use.
iii) Puppetry Workshop with Theatre Workers Giving young theatre workers an opportunity to learn contemporary manipulating techniques. This exposure, was hoped would encourage theatre workers to take up puppetry together with theatre.
The workshops for theatre workers have been more fruitful than the others. It is therefore proposed that a few contemporary theatre groups doing regular work may be identified for organizing such puppet workshops and sustained financial support to their puppet wings may be provided at least for five year.

i) Objective
The objective of the scheme is to promote and preserve various traditional forms of puppetry and to locate new forms of puppetry that are threatened by socio economic changes. Support is also envisaged to contemporary puppet groups and individuals.
ii) Scope
a) Sponsoring traditional and contemporary puppetry shows in different parts of the country
b) Workshops leading to training and productions
c) Annual Festival of Puppetry
d) Exhibition of puppetry in different parts of the country and abroad
e) Subsidy to puppet institutions and performing groups
f) Dissemination through audio/video film on puppetry and through publication of books on puppetry
iii) Major achievements made during Xth five year plan and anticipated achievements for the current financial year.
During the Xth plan period several exhibitions titled ‘Putul Yatra’ were held within the country and abroad. Workshops on puppetry leading to making of puppets and manipulation techniques were held in the field of traditional puppetry. Major festival on puppetry were held in Delhi, Mumbai & Lucknow. Subsidy to about 25 groups given every year.
iv) Projection for XI Plan The scheme is to be continued in expanded form during XI plan period. Apart from other regular activities as envisaged under the scheme, major exhibition on puppetry will be held within the country particularly in the North East region and abroad. Encouragement will be provided to experimental puppet theatre by way of support.