V.K. Sharma

Shri Vinod Kumar Sharma was born in 1949 in Delhi, which remains the centre of his life and theatre. Starting out as an aspiring journalist in the 1970s, he was soon won over to theatre, and joined the National School of Drama in 1976 to prepare for a career on the stage. He specialized in acting at NSD, where he took his diploma in 1979. From that year up to 1981, Shri V.K. Sharma taught drama at Modern School, New Delhi, and was subsequently an actor with the NSD Repertory Com- pany (1983-87). He embarked on an altogether new course, in children’s theatre, in 1987 establishing the Khilona theatre, which has been the platform for his innovative work in the field for some twenty years. Khilona has worked with and for children to create and produce twenty- five plays performed in as many towns and cities in northern India. Plays such as The Golden Fish (1987), Chhoti Si ek Cheenti (1994), The Clown’s Cry for the Moon (1998), and Uff Ye Bachche (2004) have been seen by lakhs of children in schools and other places, totalling some three thousand shows in all. He has also directed adult theatre for a number of institutions since the late 1970s, including Badal Sircar’s Ballabhpur ki Roopkatha (1978) and Vampilov’s The Elder Son (1986), produced under the banner of the theatre group Hum which he established with fellow NSD theatre artists. Shri V.K. Sharma is a talented playwright and translator of drama from English into Hindi. His literary output exceeds fifty plays, which have been produced by institutions such as the National School of Drama, the Bharatendu Natya Academy, Lucknow, and Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal, by directors including Barry John, Fritz Bennewitz, B.M. Shah, and Prasanna. Shri V.K. Sharma receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution as a director to Indian theatre.