Prabhat Kumar Bhattacharya

Shri Prabhat Kumar Bhatta- charya was born in 1932 in Allahabad, where he took his PhD in Gandhian political philosophy. Besides being a committed academician who has taught in various universi- ties, he is also an acclaimed playwright in Hindi. His most significant contribution to Hindi drama lies in his trilogy of verse plays Mukti Katha, comprising Kath Mahal, Pret Shatabdi, and Aagan Admi. His other major contribution is his set of eighteen unique adaptations of Sanskrit plays into Hindi. These include twelve plays of Bhasa, three of Kalidasa, and a few of Vishakhadatta and Bhavabhuti. Being both an educationist and dramatist, Shri Bhatta- charya established the Madhya Pradesh Lok Kala Akademi in Ujjain in 1976. The institution offers a diploma course in dramaturgy. Shri Bhattacharya has also directed a number of Sanskrit plays such as Abhigyana Shakuntalam, Vikramorvashiyam, Uttararama- charitam, Abhimarakam, Karna- bharam, and Urubhangam as well as modern classics like Andha Yug. He has originated the ‘Choupal Natak’, writing specially for audiences in the villages around Ujjain. He has worked as Honorary Director of the Kalidas Akademi at Ujjain, and as Professor and Head of the School of Studies in Continuing Education at Vikram University, Ujjain. In 1999, he visited universities in the United States to present lecture-demonstrations on Indian classical theatre and contemporary theatre. Shri P.K. Bhattacharya was awarded the Swarna Kalash at the Akhil Bharatiya Kalidas Samaroh in 1972 and received the Sarvashreshtha Natakkar Award for his play Kath Mahal from the Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan in 1980. Shri Prabhat Kumar Bhatta- charya receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution to Indian theatre as a playwright.