R. Paramashivan

Shri R. Paramashivan was born in 1931 in Mysore. His training in music started at a very early age under Master Shivappa of the Chamundeshwari Drama Company, and continued under the guidance of B. Devendr- appa, a court musician attached to the Palace in Mysore. In 1941, Shri Paramashivan joined the Hirannaiya Mithra Mandali, changed jobs to join the Sheshakala Mandali, worked for the M.V. Subbaiah Naidu Company in the 1950s, and was finally an artist with the Gubbi Veeranna Company and R. Nagaratnamma’s Sthree Nataka Mandali in the 1960s. Through this rich and varied experience, Shri Paramashivan has acquired competence in Carnatic art music, stage music, music composition, and perfor- mance both as singer and instrumentalist. Shri R. Paramashivan has composed and conducted music for twenty dance- dramas since 1970, including Yesu Kristha, Buddha Jyothi, Seetha Parinaya, and Basavesh- wara, which have been widely appreciated for their skilful blend of both Carnatic and Hindustani music. He has composed gamakams for the role of Karna and sung them in the gamaka play written by B.S.S. Koushik, performed at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan in Bangalore, Chennai, and Madikeri. Shri Paramashivan has several audio-cassettes and CDs to his credit issued by well-known cultural institutions. He has been awarded the Kalashree title by the Karnataka Academy in 1990, and has received the Karnataka Government’s Suvarna Karna- taka Rajyothsava award in 2005. Shri R. Paramashivan recei- ves the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution to music in Indian theatre.