Anant Gopal Shinde

Born in 1929 in Margatamhane village in Maharashtra, Shri Anant Gopal Shinde was drawn into the theatre in his early youth after a basic schooling. He was groomed in the art of make-up under the guidance of Shri Shripad Kadam and Shri Sitaram Marathe for a period of ten years, working in produc- tions mounted by institutions such as the Goa Hindu Association and Kala Mandir of Mumbai, and Marathi Ranga- bhoomi of Pune. For forty years from the 1960s, Shri Shinde has worked in numerous productions with a number of theatre companies in Maharashtra, contributing his expert services in more than three thousand shows. His finesse in make-up has been widely acknowledged in the Marathi theatre. Traditional theatre has held a special attraction for Shri Shinde, and he has worked in productions of Sangeet-natak all through his career. He has also groomed several expert artists in the art of make-up. Shri Anant Gopal Shinde receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribu- tion to Indian theatre as a make- up artist.