Hemanta Jamatia

Born in 1954 in Trishabari, Tripura, Shri Hemant Kumar Jamatia imbibed early in life the rich musical tradition of his region. He is known today as one of the leading performers of the folk and tribal music of Tripura. Hemant Kumar Jamatia’s particular contribution is in the propagation of the music of the Kokborok tribe of Tripura to which he belongs. He has endeared himself to large rural audiences, performing extensi- vely in the towns and villages of the region. He has also been singing on the radio, and has several audio-cassettes of tribal music to his credit. Further, he has composed music for the documentary film on his tribe: Nritya Chhande Jeevan Jibika. Shri Hemant Kumar Jamatia receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution to the folk and tribal music of Tripura.