John Lalhluna

Born in 1926 in Tlangnuam in Mizoram, Shri John Lalhluna received his training in playing the trumpet, the Darbu, and the bagpipe from Shri Hmara. Later, he refined his art as a member of the Sikh Regiment Pipe Band based in Ambala (1948) and the 8th Gorkha Regiment Centre Pipe Band, Dehradun (1949). Shri Lalhluna was the foremost bagpiper at the Assam Regiment Centre, Shillong (1954), and remained with the Army Band for a number of years. He has since dedicated himself to the presentation and dissemination of Mizo folk music. Over the past several decades, he has been broad- casting regularly and has performed in numerous festivals in the region. Shri John Lalhluna receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution to the folk music of Mizoram.