Sarif Idu Chumbhar

Shri Sarif Idu Chundhar was born in 1942 at Nabha in Patiala district of Punjab into a family of traditional musicians of the Dhadi community. He was trained at an early age in rendering the songs of the Dhadis by his father Idu, who was a prominent Dhadi singer of his time. Today, Shri Sarif Idu is very well known for his performances of Dhadi songs. He has performed extensively all over Punjab and represented his State in festivals held in other parts of the country, such as Apna Utsav held in Delhi in 1986. He has performed at the Nation- al Games in Ludhiana, the Indo- Pak Punjab Games at Patiala, and in various traditional fairs and festivals. He has thereby won for himself a large following among the masses of Punjab. For his dedicated work in preserving and promoting the traditional singing of the Dhadis of Punjab, Shri Sarif Idu has been honoured by various institutions in India. These include the Virasat Award (2001), and an award given to him at the Apna Utsav. Shri Sarif Idu Chundhar receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution to the Dhadi folk music of Punjab.