Gulam Mohammad

Shri Ghulam Mohammad was born in 1933 in Nihari village in Jammu and Kashmir. He learnt the music of the region from his father Sain Baba Chirag Din. A successful performer of Dogri folk songs for the past four decades, Shri Ghulam Mohammad has also distin- guished himself as a composer of songs in the traditional mode. He has compiled Dogri songs from many sources, sung them and issued audio-cassesstes which are popular all over Jammu and Kashmir. For his dedicated work in preserving and promoting Dogri folk music, he has been honoured by several institutions in the region. These include the Dogra Rattan conferred by Jammu University. Shri Ghulam Mohammad receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribu- tion to Dogri folk music of Jammu and Kashmir.