Kalamandalam Ram Mohan

Born on 26 April 1947 in Karumanam Kurissi village of Kerala, Shri Kalamandalam Ram Mohan was groomed in the art of Chutti-Kathakali make-up under the guidance of Kalamandalam Govinda Warrier and later under Shri Vazhenkada Rama Warrier. Apart from learning Chutti, he also gained the skill of making ornaments and costumes for Kathakali at Kerala Kalamandalam and Vazhenkada.
The senior-most master of Kathakali make-up today, Shri Kalamandalam Ram Mohan has been actively engaged in the practice of Chutti for the last four decades. During his long years of service, he has groomed several Chutti artists of the younger generation. As an instructor of Chutti, he joined Kerala Kalamandalam in 1978, and retired as Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Kathakali Make-up and Costuming. He has travelled with the Kalamandalam's Kathakali and Kutiyattam troupes to various places in the country and abroad. He is among the few artists who have knowledge of the old technique of make-up using traditional ingredients like rice. Over the course of his career, he has done facial make-up for many eminent Kathakali artists including Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair, Kalamandalam Ramankutty Nair, Keezhpadam Kumaran Nair and Kalamandalam Gopi. He has designed new costumes and brought in innovative ideas in the Aharya of Kutiyattam. Shri Kalamandalam Ram Mohan's research in the Chutti and Aharya has led to the publication of his books: Nepadhyam – a book dealing with the art of make-up and costuming in Kathakali training, its history and development, and Aharyankusam.
For his distinguished contribution to Kathakali make-up, Shri Kalamandalam Ram Mohan has been honoured by various institutions including the Manakkulam Mukundaraja Smriti Upaharam (2002), the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi Award (2007), and the Kerala Kalamandalam Award (2013).
Shri Kalamandalam Ram Mohan receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for 2014 for his contribution to the Kathakali make-up of Kerala.