Shriram Sharma & Fatehkrishna Sharma

Swami Shriram Sharma was born in Ghangoli, Uttar Pradesh, in a family of traditional Kathava- chaks. He joined his uncle’s Rasmandali at a young age where he was trained as an actor and singer. At thirty, he founded his first troupe. Later, he was joined by Swami Fatehkrishna Sharma with whom he formed their present Rasmandali. Swami Fatehkrishna Sharma was born in Dhamsinga. He has acted in Rasleelas from his childhood and won acclaim in the roles of Sudama, Shiva and Surdas. The Rasmandali run by Swami Shriram Sharma and Swami Fatehkrishna Sharma has a large repertoire. Besides Rasleela, it performs Ashta- yamo Leela and Chaitanya Leela. The Rasmandali has performed widely in India ond abroad, Swami Shriram Sharma and Swami Fatehkrishna Sharma receive the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for their contribution to Rasleela.