Kosha Kanta Deva Goswami

Born in 1931 in the Chamaguri Satra of Majuli island, Assam, where the principal Vaishnava monasteries of Assam are concentrated, Shri Kosha Kanta Deva Goswami is a leader of the faith as well as a proficient practitioner of the theatrical arts cultivated in the Satra. He learned making masks for the Ankiya Bhaona theatre — evolved as part of the larger Satriya tradition — in the workshop of his own Satra. Under the guidance of his father, Shri Rosheswar Deva Goswami, he also learnt the traditional vocal music, percussion, dance, and drama. He is at present the Satradhikar of the Chamaguri Satra. Shri Goswami has pursued the Satriya theatrical arts with devotion and imagination, and has groomed a new generation of artists in his Satra. Outside his immediate environs, he has conducted workshops or attended seminars in several cities in eastern India. In Delhi, he was in 1981 awarded the first prize as a craftsman by the National Centre for Educational Research and Training. Shri Kosha Kanta Deva Goswami receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution to the tradition of mask-making in the Bhaona theatre of Assam.