L.Heramot Meitei

Born in 1932 at Kongpal Chanam Leikai in Manipur, Shri Heramot Meitei Leitanthem learnt Thang-ta under several masters including Ojha Sagolsem, Indramani, and Ojha Moiranthem Anganghal. He also studied the martial art under Ojha Thoudam Chaoba, a student of Paona Brajabasi, a hero of the Anglo-Manipur War of 1891. Shri Heramot presented his first public performance of Thang-ta in 1948. In 1951, he established the Nongpok Naharol Seva Marup, an institution for training in the art, since renamed as Kanglei Enat Thang-ta Shindam Sanglen. He has authored several books on Thang-ta including Sarei-Sara (1978), Meehat- Meekal (1984), Thang-ta (1986), Oinam Bijando (1993), Khurai Nanba (1998), and Akhunba Liklu Pareng (1994). A documentary film on the life and work of Shri Heramot, titled Thawai Meeral, has been produced by the Kanglei Enat Thang-ta Shindam Sanglen. Shri Heramot has received several honours in recognition of his work in the field. These include a Gold Medal conferred by the former Maharaja of Manipur, Bodhachandra, in 1951 and Manipur State Kala Akademi Award,bestowed in 1988. Shri Heramot Meitei Leitanthem receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution to Thang-ta, the martial art of Manipur.