Ali Akbar Khan

Sangeet Natak Akdemi Award 1963 Music - Hindustani - Sarod Shri Ali Akbar Khan was born on April 14, 1922 in Shibpore, East Bengal, son of a distinguished father, Shri Allauddin Khan. He received his training from his father, and his uncle Shri Aftabuddin taught him to play tabla and mridang. Shri Ali Akbar Khan gave his first public performance at the age of fourteen. In 1959 he founded a college of music in Calcutta. A creative musician of a high order, Shri Ali Akbar Khan has also composed new ragas. Travelling extensively in Europe and America giving recitals, Shri Ali Akbar Khan has been a cultural ambassador worthy of his country. I present to you Shri Ali Akbar Khan who has received the Akademi Award for Instrumental Music of the Hindustani School.