Hemu Krishna Gaude

Shri Hemu Krishna Gaude was born on 30 March 1975 in Pisgal village of Goa. He imbibed the rich musical tradition of the region at an early age. He has received formal training in folk music from his father Shri Krishna Keshav Gaude. Later he acquired mastery in the art under the tutelage of his uncle Shri Nilu Priolkar and Shri Vaman Kerkar.
Shri Hemu Krishna Gaude has achieved eminence as a player of dhol, tasha, ghumat, shamel and dhob folk musical instruments of Goa. He has choreographed many dance programmes, and has performed extensively in major national and international festivals in the country. He has trained a large number of students of the region, making a significant contribution for the promotion and preservation of Goan culture. He has to his credit a number of audio-visual productions of the folk music and dance of Goa.
Shri Hemu Krishna Gaude is awarded the Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar of Sangeet Natak Akademi for the year 2015 for his notable talent in the field of folk music and dance of Goa.