K. Kunhiraman Nair

Born on 3 May 1933 at Kayaralam in Kerala, Shri K. Kunhiraman Nair received his initial training in Kathakali under Kochi Govindan Nair. At a later stage, he was trained by Shankaran Nair and Ravunni Nair.
Shri K. Kunhiraman Nair, popularly known as Parassini Kunhiraman Nair, has specialized in the Kadathanadum style of Kathakali, and received critical acclaim for his work both in Kathi and Vellathadi Veshams. His major roles include Keechaka in Keechakavadham, Duryodhana in Duryodhanavadham, Narakasura in Narakasuravadham, Roudra Bheema in Duryodhanavadham, Ravana, Rama and Hanuman in Ramayana. Since his debut performance in 1943 as Krishna in Narakasuravadham, there was no turning back in his artistic life. Shri K. Kunhiraman Nair has performed extensively at various prestigious temples in Kerala, and also travelled to several parts of the country for his performances including Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Arunachal Pradesh. He has also established himself as a teacher imparting training to young exponents of Kathakali in Kerala.
Shri K. Kunhiraman Nair receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution to Kathakali.