Lakha Khan Mangniyar

Shri Lakha Khan Mangniyar was born in 1949 at Ranery in Rajasthan into a family of traditional musicians of the Mangniyar community. He was trained at an early age in rendering the compositions of the Multan school of Mangniyars by his father Tharu Khan and Mohammad Khan.
Today, Shri Lakha Khan is well known for his presentations of the folk music of Rajasthan. He has performed extensively all over Rajasthan and other parts of the country. Important festivals in which he has taken part include the Bhakti Sangeet Samaroh in Delhi, organized by Sangeet Natak Akademi in 1986, and several events organized by the late Komal Kothari of Rupayan Sansthan, Jodhpur. He has many recordings of music to his credit.
For his dedicated work in preserving and promoting the folk music of Rajasthan, Shri Lakha Khan has been honoured by the Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Akademi. He has also received recognition from the Marudhara foundation of Kolkata.
Shri Lakha Khan Mangniyar receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution to the folk music of Rajasthan.