Braj Kishor Dubey

Born in 1954 in Mangarwaliya village in Bihar, Shri Braj Kishor Dubey has distinguished himself in the field of folk music of Bihar, especially in the Bhojpuri region. A distinguished performer of the folk music of Bihar, he has extensively performed various folk music genres in many prestigious festivals organized in the State of Bihar, as well as other parts of the country. He has given many noteworthy performances in Festivals of India, organized especially in Mauritius. Shri Braj Kishor Dubey has documented and preserved a vast collection of Bhojpuri folk songs, and has also written and composed songs for various regional stations of All India Radio, primarily in a music feature Ang Ang Fagun. He regularly hosts and anchors a popular programme of Doordarshan, Bihar, titled Lathi Singh. He has also authored and published a collection of Bhojpuri stories Sakdam and many songs that were part of several Bhojpuri films like Bihari Babu and Maee. He wrote the theme song Wah Khiladi Wah which was presented during the opening ceremony of the first Women's Kabaddi World Cup held in Patna, Bihar in 2012. A research paper was prepared by the Department of Bhojpuri, Veer Kunwar Singh University, Arah, Bihar titled Braj Kishor Dubey - Vyaktitva Aur Krititva. For his services in the field of Bhojpuri folk music, Shri Braj Kishor Dubey has been honoured with various awards such as the Bhikhari Thakur Samman, and the Vindhyavasini Devi Puraskar. Shri Braj Kishor Dubey receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution to the folk music of Bihar.