Lalit Chandra Ojha

Born on 11 February 1923 in Satgharia village in Assam, Shri Lalit Chandra Ojha is a renowned exponent of Ojapali songs and Deodhani dances of Assam. He was trained in the Assamese Suknani Ojapali and Deodhani performances by Bano Ram Nath and Hali Ram Deva Sarma.
Shri Ojha has achieved eminence as a performer of Ojapali songs and Deodhani dances. He has won acclaim for his performances over the last forty years within and outside the country. Important events where he has been featured include the Brahmaputra Sneha Chavni, Apna Utsav, National Cultural Festival, and the Delhi Tourism Festival. He has also presented his art at a seminar on Traditional Art and Folk Culture at Tezpur University, and a seminar on Folk Culture at Pragjyotish College, Guwahati. He has presented lecture-demonstrations, workshops, and training courses to propagate arts, which have generated interest among the people in Ojapali and Deodhani dances. His books on the subject include Suknani Sangeetar Rengani published in Darrang. He has been the subject of several documentary films.
Shri Ojha is a recipient of several honours for his work including the Suknani Sangeetacharjya Award of the Darrangi Kala Kristi Unnayan Sangh, Darrang. For his work towards enrichment of Ojapali and Deodhani dances, Shri Ojha received the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 1983.
Shri Lalit Chandra Ojha is elected Tagore Fellow of Sangeet Natak Akademi for his contribution to Indian dance and music.