Shrikrishna Savlaram Haldankar

Born on 29 September 1927 in Bombay, Shri Shrikrishna Savlaram Haldankar, popularly known as Babanrao Haldankar, received his training in music initially from Mogubai Kurdikar of the Jaipur gharana. Later, he polished his art guided by Khadim Hussain Khan of the Agra gharana.
A musicologist, researcher, and an adjunct Professor of Hindustani music, Shri Haldankar has performed widely in India and overseas. Together with this, he has been featured on All India Radio and Doordarshan. He has trained many students in music, conducted seminars and workshops, and published several books in the field. He has issued a number of recordings. He has been honoured for his work by music institutions both in northern and western India.
Shri Shrikrishna Savlaram Haldankar receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Tagore Award for his contribution to Hindustani vocal music.