Rajee Narayan

Born on 19 August 1931 in Madras, Shrimati Rajee Narayan hails from a family of musicians and dance teachers. She trained in Bharatanatyam under her sister Neela Balasubramaniam, and later from K. Lalitha. She also learned Carnatic vocal music under Turaiyur Rajagopala Sarma, V.V. Sadgopalan, and Sulochana Mahadevan.
Shrimati Rajee Narayan joined the All India Radio initially in her career and acquired a name as a Carnatic vocalist. At the same time, she gained wide reputation as a Bharatanatyam teacher, training dancers at her school Nritya Gitanjali in Mumbai. Here, she has conducted workshops and lecture-demonstrations on Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music, and choreographed dance-dramas including Tirumayilai Kuravanji, Tirumaal Azhagar, Vallimalai Kuravanji, Radha ka Shyam, Kudhrath, Parijatam, and Krishna Leela.
She has also sung and acted in Hindi and Tamil films such as Shakti Maya, Bala Bhaktan and Sant Eknath. Shrimati Narayan has authored and published books on dance and music for practitioners including Nritya Geeta Mala, Natya Sastra Mala, and Sangeeta Sastra Mala. She has participated in festivals and conferences on dance at home and abroad. She is the recipient of several honours conferred by leading institutions.
Shrimati Rajee Narayan receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Tagore Award for her contribution to Bharatanatyam.