Jalabala Vaidya & Gopal Sharman

Shrimati Jalabala Vaidya and Shri Gopal Sharman are a unique husband-and-wife team of theatre artists who have been presenting solo shows at the Akshara Theatre in Delhi continuously for many years. Akshara is synonymous with The Ramayana, Gopal Sharman’s contemporary dramatic interpretation of the Sanskrit epic, which has had more than two thousand shows worldwide. Shrimati Jalabala Vaidya renders the four-act play in English solo.
Shrimati Jalabala Vaidya was born in London in 1936 and studied English at Miranda House in Delhi University. Her first success on the international theatre scene was in Rome at the Teatro Goldoni, where she performed the play Full Circle written by Gopal Sharman. She went on to perform at London's West End, and subsequently all over Europe. Other than acting, she has successfully adapted for the stage In Goethe's Magical World, Geetanjali, The Kabuliwala, Face Off with Santaram, The Revised Kama Sutra, Tyger Tyger, and The Doll Makers’ Island. She has also written an original play, This and That, with her husband Gopal Sharman.
Born on 19 August 1935 in Calcutta, Shri Gopal Sharman is a poet, playwright, director, musician, and actor. Completing his education at Lucknow University, he worked as a journalist, writing reviews for Delhi Press periodicals, and The Times of London. His career in theatre opened with the production of Full Circle, and was followed by The Ramayana. This signature play has been performed widely in different parts of the world, on such platforms as the Royal Shakespeare Company, and on Broadway. Shri Sharman has besides written several other plays and scripts for television. He is the founder-director of Akshara Theatre.
Shrimati Jalabala Vaidya and Shri Gopal Sharman received the Homi Bhabha Fellowship in 1969, and the International Artists of the Year Award conferred by Fordham University in New York in 1975. Gopal Sharman was invited for an interaction at the headquarters of the Jesuit Order at Santa Borgo Spirito (1967), and by the Vatican Radio.
Shrimati Jalabala Vaidya and Shri Gopal Sharman jointly receive the Sangeet Natak Akademi Tagore Award for their contribution to Indian theatre as actress and director.