Zahoor Mir

Born on 3 March 1933 in Narela near Delhi, Shri Zahoor Mir is a well-known singer and actor who has been entertaining rural audiences in Haryana for well over half a century. Son of Ustad Bhikhan Khan, a Sarangi player, Shri Zahoor Mir was trained in his art by Lakhmi Chand, a folk artist.
Zahoor Mir started performing in the folk theatre of the region while still in his childhood. Today, he presents various forms of drama and folk song with aplomb – Swang, Alha, Chaupai, Sohni, Thumri, or Bahr-e-taveel. Performing initially in rural settings, he has been presenting his music over AIR since the late 1970s. He has also performed for the Indian Army, for Zonal Cultural Centres of the Government of India, and in programmes organized by Sangeet Natak Akademi and the Hindi Akademi of Delhi. Through his performances, he has not only entertained the masses, but has also helped to promote welfare schemes introduced by government departments. His work has thus promoted awareness about social problems and health issues in the Haryana hinterland.
Shri Zahoor Mir has received felicitations from the Chief Minister and Governor of Haryana as well as the Union Minister for Culture on various occasions.
Shri Zahoor Mir receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Tagore Award for his contribution to the folk theatre of Haryana.