M. L. Varadpande

Born on 23 June 1936 in Arvi in Wardha district of Maharashtra, Shri M.L. Varadpande is a prolific writer on the arts and culture of India. He holds a Master’s degree from Nagpur University.
Shri Varadpande's literary output covers classical and folk drama, the history of Indian theatre, biography, regional theatres, and specialized studies of the interface between devotion and drama. Among his dozen published works on the performing arts are Traditions of Indian Theatre, Mahabharata in Peformance, Religion and Theatre, Ancient Indian and Indo-Greek Theatre, Invitation to Indian Theatre, Krishna Theatre in India, Dictionary of Indian Theatre, Critique of Indian Theatre, and Punjabi Ekankika. His biography of the Marathi playwright Shripad Krishna Kolhatkar was published by Sahitya Akademi in several languages and has gone into many editions. In all, he has twenty-five publications to his credit. His books on theatre are prescribed reading at a number of Universities in India.
Shri Varadpande has contributed copiously to major Indian periodicals and was formerly editor of Alochana, a Marathi literary journal. He was invited by the Government of Assam to study local theatre forms as a State guest. He is currently studying theatre forms of the Braj region, including those connected with the Holi festival, in collaboration with the Chaitanya Prem Sansthan of Vrindavan.
Shri M.L.Varadpande receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Tagore Award for his contribution to Indian theatre as a scholar.