V. Raghavan

I present to you, Sir, Dr. V. Raghavan.
Dr. Raghavan was born on the 22nd August, 1908 at Tiruvarur. He was educated at the University of Madras, where he had a brilliant career, his subject being Sanskrit language and literature. Subsequently he was awarded a Doctorate for his thesis on Bhoja’s Sringara Prakasa.
He has been associated closely with a number of institutions of learning and art, particularly in the fields of Poetics, Dramaturgy, Music and Dance. He has represented India at several international Conferences on Music and Sanskrit studies.
Dr. Raghavan has been the editor of a number of periodicals like the Journal of the Music Academy, Madras. His research papers and publications cover a wide range. His writings on Music and the Dance, particulary on Karnatic Music and Bharatanatyam are well known to scholars in these fields.
At present he is Professor of Sanskrit, University of Madras. Among awards and titles that have been conferred on him are the title of Padma Bhushan, the title of ‘Kavi-Kokila’, was conferred on him by Shri Sankaracharya of Kanchi for his poetical work in Sanskrit on Muthuswami Dikshitar. He was awarded the Kane Gold Medal by the Asiatic Society, Bombay, for distinguished research. For his distinguished services in the cause of Music, Dance and Drama, the Akademi has elected him a Fellow.