Thakur Jaidev Singh

Sir, I present to you, Thakur Jaidev Singh who has been elected a Fellow of the Sangeet Natak Akademi. A vocalist trained under Shri Shrikrishna Haribirlekar and Shri Nankoo Bhaiya Telang, Shri Jaideva Singh has studied music in its many aspects. As a result he is an acknowledged musicologist who has produced many research papers and lectured on the subject at various places and occasions. For some years Shri Jaideva Singh guided Hindustani Music in the All India Radio, Delhi and led the Indian delegation of musicians and musicologists to the East-West Music Meet at Tokyo in 1962. Thakur Jaideva Singh though nearing 70 years of age is still engaged in studies and his field goes beyond music to philosophy and religion.