Dilip Kumar Roy

The Sangeet Natak Akademi this year has elected Shri Dilip Kumar Roy a Fellow. We regret he is not able to be present here at this function. Son of a distinguished dramatist and poet, Shri Dilip Kumar Roy is a great devotee of music. His long association with Sri Aurobindo in the seclusion of Pondicherry is perhaps responsible in keeping his contribution to music and dance-drama from limelight. Trained in Indian classical music under masters like Ustads Abdul Karim Khan, Faiyaz Khan, Pandits Chandan Chaube and V.N. Bhatkhande, Shri Dilip Kumar Roy is equally at home in classical European music. He is the author of several books on music, musical notation, history of music, and has composed dance-dramas on Vaishnavic themes. Of late years, Shri Dilip Kumar Roy?s singing of Bhajans is of a dedicated devotee with the added attraction of his golden voice