Sombhu Mitra

Sir, I present to you, ShriSombhu Mitra, the most eminentfigure today in the world ofdrama in India. Shri Sombhu Mitra startedearly his career on theprofessional stage. But not longafter he moved from thecontemporary stage dominatedby such great figures as SisirKumar Bhaduri, Monoranjan Bhattacharjee and Ahindra Choudhury to an atmosphereof greater freedom into theIndian People's Theatre. Therehe lay the foundation of a newtrend in the Bengali stage. But,again, after producing severalplays, the narrow confines of thegroup could not hold him andShri Sombhu Mitra establishedhis own organisation now wellknown as Bohurupee. A greatinterpreter of Tagore's plays, hehas thereby brought therichness of the great poet's dramas to the stage. Shri Sombhu Mitra has writtenplays, translated classicaldramas and produced them. Hehas given much thought tocreating a field of drama in Indiawhich embraces the modernwithout losing its own identity. Shri Sombhu Mitra receivedthe Sangeet Natak AkademiAward for acting in 1959 and isnow elected a Fellow.