Vedantam Satyanarayana Sarma Satyama

I present to you, Sir, Shri Vedantam Satyanarayana Sarma.
Born in 1934 in a traditional family of Kuchipudi dancers, Shri Sarma was initiated into the dance at the age of five by his elder brother Vedantam Prahlad Sarma. Later, he received regular training from Shri Prahlad Sarma and Shri Chinta Krishnamurti.
Shri Satyanarayana Sarma has specialised in female roles in Kuchipudi and achieved wide recognition for his portrayals in Bhama Kalapam and Usha Parinayam among other Kuchipudi plays. He was given the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for Kuchipudi in 1961. At present he is the Director of the Venkatarama Natya Mandali in Kuchipudi village. Shri Sarma has also been a dance teacher at the Shri Siddhendra Kalakshetram.
For his contribution to the enrichment of the Kuchipudi art, Shri Satyanarayana Sarma has been elected Fellow of the Akademi