Kapila Vatsyayan

I present to you, Sir, Smt. Kapila Vatsyayan. Nurtured from childhood in an atmosphere of marked artistic activity, Smt. Kapila Vatsyayan received, in her early years, intensive training in various forms of Indian classical dance from masters of great renown, including the late Sri Achhan Maharaj, for Kathak, and Guru Amobi Singh, for Manipuri. Later, she complemented this and reinforced her technical equipment with a study of Modern Dance, Movement Analysis, Dance Notation and Choreology, under outstanding luminaries in the West, such as Dr. Juana de Laban and Hanya Holm. Along with her abiding involvement with the dance, Smt. Kapila Vatsyayan pursued the academic disciplines of Literature, Art Education and Indology, and this contributed to help her bring to the field of dance scholarship a new insight. Through her extensive lectures, lecture-demonstrations and writing, both in India and abroad, Smt. Kapila Vatsyayan has successfully endeavoured to examine and to formulate the relationship of the dance to the other arts. She is also the author of several research papers, monographs and books on the dance, the most prominent of which, ‘Classical Indian Dance in Literature and the Arts’ — her Doctoral thesis — has been published by the Sangeet Natak Akademi. Smt. Kapila Vatsyayan has been associated in various capacities, with numerous institutions and societies of the performing arts. She has contributed, in a significant way, to the strengthening of the bridge of communication between practising dancers and theoreticians, between the artistes of one region of India and another, and between Indian artistes and their conferers in other countries. Formerly on the Faculty of the University of Delhi, she is now Deputy Educational Adviser in charge of cultural affairs, in the Ministry of Education and Youth Services. SANGEET NATAK AKADEMI FELLOWS 11 For her eminence in the field of dance scholarship and her contribution to its enrichment, Smt. Kapila Vatsyayan has been elected Fellow of the Sangeet Natak Akademi.