Hirjibhai Rustomji Doctor

I present to you, Sir, Shri Hirjibhai Rustomji Doctor. Born in 1894 at Vadodara, Gujarat, Shri Doctor is a renowned instrumentalist and musicologist of the Hindustani system. He studied the Been with Jamaluddin Khan and was trained in the intricacies of music and musicology by V.N. Bhatkhande. Shri Doctor was the Director of Amusements in the former Baroda state and later the Principal, College of Indian Music, Dance and Dramatics, Vadodara. He is the author of a book, A Short History of North Indian Music in Gujarati. The Brahad Gujarat Sangeet Samiti honoured him for his meritorious services to music. For his eminence in the field of Music and his contribution to its enrichment, Shri Hirjibhai Rustomji Doctor has been elected a Fellow of the Akademi.