T. S. Parthasarathy

Born in 1913 in Madras, Shri Tiruvallikeni Srinivasa Parthasarathy received formal training in Carnatic vocal music and later applied himself to the study of the theoretical aspects of Indian music as well as of Bharatanatyam and other classical dance forms of south India. Over the years Shri T.S. Parthasarathy has researched in Carnatic music and dance, collecting compositions in several languages from original manuscript sources. His major publication is an edition of the complete works of Tyagaraja in Telugu and Sanskrit — based on an 1826 manuscript — with Tamil translation. His other books include Tamil and English translations of Tyagaraja’s Prahlada Bhakti Vijayam, with notation, and the collected Kritis of Muthuswami Dikshitar and Syama Sastri. For several years Shri T.S. Parthasarathy has been a music and dance critic in Madras. Elected Secretary of the Music Academy, Madras, in 1978, Shri T.S. Parthasarathy also edits the Academy’s journal. As a resource person and scholar, he has been a guide to many researchers in music and dance. For his service to Indian music and dance, Shri T.S. Parthasarathy is elected Fellow of Sangeet Natak Akademi.