Vilayat Khan

Born in 1924 in Gauripur, now in Bangladesh, Ustad Vilayat Khan imbibed the best of a long family tradition from his illustrious father, Ustad Inayat Khan who represented an unbroken line of distinguished musicians. He embarked upon a concert career in his early twenties and is regarded as one of the finest Sitar players of our times. His fluid style, modelled on vocal music, is his singular contribution to Hindustani instrumental music today. Over the years his music has been heard far beyond the borders of the country. Ustad Vilayat Khan has participated in various prestigious music festivals worldwide. He has recorded a large number of discs and cassettes in India and abroad. He has also composed music for films including Satyajit Ray’s Jalasaghar, awarded the Silver Medal for Music in Moscow in 1959. Among other honours, he was conferred the title of ‘Aftabe- Sitar’ by the President of India. For his contribution to Indian music, Ustad Vilayat Khan is elected Fellow of Sangeet Natak Akademi.