Zohra Segal

The Sangeet Natak Akademi this year is presenting its Award for Acting on the Urdu stage to Shreemati Zohra Segal. She is abroad; we regret her absence today. Shreemati Zohra Segal comes from Rampur, in Uttar Pradesh. She commenced her theatrical career early in life. From 1931 to 1933 she studied at Mary Wigman’s School of Dance in Germany, receiving a diploma in Eurythmics. During 1934 to 1935 she worked with Uday Shankar’s Ballet group and travelled, as one of his leading artistes, throughout Asia, Europe and America. In 1945, she joined the Prithvi Theatres where she worked with distinction until 1959, as the leading lady and the dance director of the group. She acted as Vice-Chairman of the Indian People’s Theatre Association in 1946-47 and was the Principal of the Natya Academy in Delhi for four years. Shreemati Zohra Segal is equally distinguished in the field of Dance. Recently she was awarded the Star Certificate on the completion of a Producers’ course at the British Drama League. As an actress she is equally at home in the realm of comedy and tragedy.