T. R. Subramanyam

Born in 1929 in Madras, Shri T.R. Subramanyam received his training in vocal music under Musiri Subramanya Iyer, and later studied at the Government College of Music, Madras. At the Government College, he was also trained in playing the Mridangam. Shri T.R. Subramanyam is a distinguished vocalist, and was a teacher of Carnatic Music at the University of Delhi from 1964 to 1994. His chaste and traditional style has won him a large following among discern- ing listeners. He has also played a part in popularizing Carnatic music in northern India. He has published two volumes on pallavis and has prepared audio-visual teaching material on Carnatic music. Shri T.R. Subramanyam receives the Sangeet Natak Akaderni Award for his contribu- tion to Carnatic vocal music.