T. K. Jayarama Iyer

Shri T. K. Jayarama Iyer was born in 1894 in Kuttatam, in Tanjore. His Guru in music was his father, Shri Kuppuswami Iyer. Shri Jayarama Iyer took to music as his profession. He became a Professor of Music at the Swati Tirunal Academy, Trivandrum. One of his achieve- ments has been in the field of orchestration as a composer- conductor over past several years. Shri Jayarama Iyer is a distinguished violinist and has accompanied all the leading Vidwans of Karnatic music. Today his performances are confined to solo recitals which are noted for their traditional and refined style and his respect for the Karnataka-sampradaya. I present to you Shri T. K. Jayarama Iyer, who has receiv- ed the Akademi Award for Instrumental Music of the Karnatak School.