Bade Ghulam Ali Khan

I present to you, Sir, Shri Bade Gulam Ali Khan.
Born in 1902, in Lahore, Shri Gulam Ali Khan is one of the foremost Hindustani vocalists of today. He comes from a renowned family of musicians. He received his musical training from his father, Ali Baksh Khan and his uncle, Kale Khan, who were renowned musicians of their times.
Shri Gulam Ali Khan is an eminent Khayal singer of the Patiala gharana. With an extraordinarily mellifluous voice of astounding range, his singing is characterised by a graceful and distinctive style. He also sings thumri with great elegance and feeling.
At the invitation of the King of Afghanistan, he has visited Kabul many times and has been honoured by the Royal House of Afghanistan.
Shri Gulam Ali Khan was honoured with the civilian Award of Padma Bhushan. He received the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for Hindustani Vocal Music in 1962.
For his eminence in and service to the cause of music, Shri Gulam Ali Khan has been elected Fellow of the Akademi.