Ramlal Bareth

Born on 6 March 1936 in Raigarh, Madhya Pradesh, Shri Ramlal Bareth is the son of the renowned Kathak guru Pandit Kartik Ram. He was groomed as a Kathak dancer in the Raigarh durbar under the guidance of the ruler Shri Chakradhar Maharaj, a patron of Kathak dance and music and a composer in his own right. Shri Ramlal’s principal guru was Pandit Jailal Maharaj — a stalwart of the Jaipur gharana. From Pandit Kartik Ram, Shri Ramlal acquired the technique and repertoire of Pandit Achchan Maharaj, the doyen of the Lucknow gharana of Kathak. His gurus also taught him the Tabla, and his father and Ustad Mohammad Khan Banda gave him lessons in vocal music. Shri Ramlal is today the foremost exponent of the Raigarh style of Kathak which developed at the Raigarh court. As a young dancer, he made a mark in various important dance and music events. Later, he excelled as a teacher, initially assisting his father in his training work and subsequently estab- lishing himself as a guru. Over the years Shri Ramlal has trained a number of dancers who have won acclaim in the field. He was a Reader in Dance at Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwa- vidyalaya, Khairagarh, for several years. He is now a guru at the Chakradhar Nritya Kala Kendra, Bhopal. Shri Ramlal Bareth receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution to Kathak dance.