Atombapu Sharma

It is with deep regret that I have to convey to you the sad news of the death of Shri Atombapu Sharma at Imphal on September 2, 1963. He was the recipient of the Akademi’s Award for Manipuri dance this year. Shri Atombapu Sharma was born in 1889 in Imphal. He studied Sanskrit, and at the age of twenty became the head pandit of a Sanskrit school. When he was thirty-five, the Maharaja of Manipur appointed him as the Raj Pandit. In 1959 he was awarded a Certificate of Honour in Sanskrit by the President of India. As the Raj Pandit, Shri Atombapu Sharma came into contact with the leading Gurus of Manipuri dance. He also studied all the relevant literature, most of it rare and to be only found in the Maharaja’s library. Thus Shri Atombapu Sharma was able to make a deep study of Manipuri dance, resulting in the production of a number of books on the subject. He also wrote on religion, literature and history. Shri Atombapu Sharma’s vast knowledge of dancing made him a highly honoured Guru in the field. His art and his scholarship won him many honours. The Akademi Award is being received by his eldest son.