Darshana Jhaveri

Born in 1939 in Bombay, Shrimati Darshana Jhaveri is the youngest of the four Jhaveri sisters, renowned Manipuri dancers, and was trained in the dance by Guru Bipin Singh. She also learnt Rasa Sutras and Jagoi from Khetri Tombi Devi, Nata-Pung from Metei Tombi Singh and Maibi Jagoi from Kumar Maibi. Darshana Jhaveri has gained wide fame as a dancer together with her sisters, and individual,performing in various parts of the country and many countries abroad. Since 1958 she has been assisting Guru Bipin Singh in his research, teaching, cho- reography and performance activities. As a founder-member of Manipuri Nartanalaya with its branches in Mumbai, Calcutta and Imphal, she has been actively engaged in its activities, and has been training younger dancers. Through seminars, workshops and lecture- demonstrations she has contributed towards a wider appreciation of the art. She has published several articles on the dance and music traditions of Manipur, and has co-authored two works: Mankpuri Nartan and Manipuri Tala Prakash. Shrimati Darshana Jhaveri receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for her contribution to Manipuri dance.