Maniram Datta Moktar

I present to you Shri Maniram Datta Moktar, who has received the Akademi Award for Sattriya dance. Shri Maniram Datta Moktar was born in 1880, and he entered the Vaishnava ascetic order when he was only six years of age. He learnt the Sattriya dance, which is performed by all members of the Sattras, or Vaishnava monasteries in Assam, from Shri Bholaram Bayan, the leading Guru in dance and music in the Kamalabari Sattra. After thirty- two years as a performer, Shri Datta Moktar became the ‘Oja Bayan’, or the principal teacher of the Sattra. Shri Datta Moktar has been both a great exponent of his art and an eminent teacher.