Rashid Khan

Shri Rashid Khan was born in 1966 at Badaun in Uttar Pradesh. He is a student of Nissar Hussain Khan of the Rampur- Sahaswan gharana, under whom he trained for about twenty years. An outstanding performer of Hindustani vocal music, Shri Rashid Khan presented his first public performance while not yet in his teens. Today, he is adept in the techniques of the Rampur- Sahaswan gharana and exhibits in his gayaki the characteristic features of its style. He has developed an exceptional expertise in the slow elaboration of Vilambit Khayal, and in the use of sargam and sargam tankari. Among the most creative and innovative Hindustani musicians of the younger generation, Shri Rashid Khan is committed to preserving the Rampur- Sahaswan style in its fullness, yet helping it grow in new directions. A dedicated teacher of music,