Jagru Mahato

Born on 1 January 1949 in Torang village of Purulia District in West Bengal, Shri Jagru Mahato was initiated into Hari Sankirtan, Jhumur and Baul music of West Bengal by his father, Srikant Mahato and Sindhu Kumar. Subsequently, he received his training in Purulia Chhau under Kalebar Kumar and Ashutosh Bhattacharya.
Shri Jagru Mahato has distinguished himself both as a dancer and a teacher. He has performed widely within the country in the major festivals organized by the Zonal Centres and Sangeet Natak Akademi. He has also travelled extensively for performances and won acclaim in foreign shores. Shri Jagru Mahato has incorporated his wide knowledge of music in his choreographic works of Purulia Chhau repertory which includes Durga, Sita Swayamvar, and Mahishasur Vadh. Shri Mahato has conducted lecture-demonstrations and workshops at several institutions within the country and abroad. He has trained several Purulia Chhau artists including his son, Dilip Chandra Mahato, who is among the leading dancers of his generation. Shri Mahato had established his institution, Binapani Rupchand Chhau Dance Party at Purulia where he continues to impart training in Purulia Chhau.
Shri Jagru Mahato receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for 2014 for his contribution to the Chhau Dance of Purulia.