Th. Chaotombi Singh

Shri Thokchom Chaotombi Singh was born in 1949 in Uripok, Manipur. He received his initial training in Manipuri dance from L. Amuyaima Singh and Khaidem Lokeshwar Singh. Later, he was a student at the Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy in Imphal. He also learnt Thang-ta under the guidance of Damu Singh and Khelchandra Singh. Shri Chaotombi Singh further studied choreography under Shrimati Maya Rao Natarajan at the Natya Institute of Choreo- graphy, New Delhi. Shri Chaotombi Singh joined Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy, Imphal, as Production Assistant in 1975 and was appointed Choreo- grapher in 1988. He has choreographed a number of dance-dramas at the Dance Academy which have received critical acclaim. These include Wainupareng Thoibi, Keibul Lamjao, Lei Langba, and Meghadoot. Keibul Lamjao was later filmed as Sangai: The Dancing Deer of Manipur and won several prizes in interna- tional dance festivals. He has toured extensively with the Production Unit of JNMDA, both in India and abroad. At present, he is serving as Production Unit Incharge at JNMDA. Shri Th. Chaotombi Singh receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribu- tion in the field of creative and experimental dance.