Banda Kanakalingeswara Rao

I present to you Shri Banda Kanakalingeswara Rao, the recipient of the Akademi Award for Acting on the Telugu stage. Born in the year 1907, Shri Banda Kanakalingeswara Rao, took to dramatic art seriously while still a student at the University. In 1939 he founded a College of Dramatics at Eluru and trained a number of students. He also started a professional theatre group ‘The Prabhat Theatres’, which has successfully completed thirty years of its existence. He is an actor of high reputation. He has been honoured by various institutions in the field of Drama. Shri Kanakalingeswara Rao through his association in responsible positions with many a drama organization has been able considerably to influence the theatre movement in the South.