Project Grants to Individual


The scheme is designed to support and promote higher level of specified training and research in Indian music, dance and theatre covering the entire gamut of performing arts including the classical, traditional, folk and tribal as well as the contemporary. To encourage and open up greater opportunities for in-depth study of, or investigation in, some special areas of technique/repertoire or co-relation of theoretical knowledge with practical training. To support and strengthen the efforts of field workers in pursuing scientific experimental research, documentation, survey, collection and analysis of data in special areas of music, dance and theatre. In selecting individual projects for assistance different art forms and styles from all parts of the country would be considered.

Scope of the Scheme

1. To take up higher level projects of practical training in definite areas of music, dance or theatre by receiving training under eminent teacher/guru, director or acknowledged authority/institution in the field.
2. To carry out field work, survey and investigation or conduct research work in any part of the country leading to collection of data and information.
3. To undertaken original/experimental/creative work with a group ( as in the case of theatre, dance, dramas, choir, teaching methodology etc.)
4. To undertake academic study/research related to the theory and application of the science of music, under technical institutions, laboratories of qualified individuals.


1. Indian nationals above the age of 25 are eligible. Those applicants who are employed will be obliged to give sufficient assurance of ability to devote adequate time to the project work.
2. Applicants are expected to be experienced practitioners of any branch of performing arts with high standards of professional achievement.
3. Those applying for projects involving intensive study oriented research are expected to have sound knowledge of the subject and proven capability for co-relating theoretical knowledge and performs.
4. For projects involving survey, documentation, collection and analysis of data the applicant is expected to have adequate understanding of the subject, a suitable background and preferably some years of similar work in the field of performing arts.
5. Projects of a purely academic nature registered with a University will ordinarily not be considered.
6. Institutional applications are eligible on behalf of individual workers as monitoring, administrative supervisory support to individual workers particularly in the area of non-formal performing art of unusual origin and practice where the literary of art workers is a handicap in completing measuring the obligatory aspects of the programme.
7. Not covered are; group or institutional activities workshop and seminar, symposiums, elementary training programmes ( not presentation programmes ) sponsorship of festivals and such like activities, publications ( unless warranted by the nature of the project ), travel ( outside the scope of the project study), salaries, establishment expenditure, etc. floating new art organizations, construction and repair of buildings, purchase of equipment ( hiring excluded ) ( and any other activities for which other funding channels are available).

Manner of Application

Projects to be submitted on prescribed forms obtained from the Akademi. Training: In case for projects for specialized training details of the specific area/field, the name of the guru/director/institution ( duly approved in writing ) under whom the training will be undertaken, the tentative schedule for the duration of the training and the methodology should be give in full. The approval of the guru/director/institutions may be obtained prior to the submission of the project proposal. Academic Research: In case of academic research/field work oriented projects, the approval of the guide/institution of affiliation, whether applicable should be obtained before the submission of the application.
1. Duration: From two months to two years. The activities envisaged here would normally not exceed 12 months except in case of training programmes which may be for a maximum duration of 24 months.
2. Grants would be released in two installments, the first on receipt of the Assurance Certificate and the second on receipt of a progress report and submission of full accounts of the utilization of the first installment with particular reference to the terms and conditions of the grant.
3. Only in training oriented projects select scholars/performers will be given subsidy for the duration of the project.
4. A provision for purchase of books/stationery any other relevant material for each project will be made as contingent expenditure.
5. The grantees will be eligible for a travel subsidy within India for
( i ) field work/survey projects and
( ii ) for other projects in addition to the grant sanctioned for the specific projects. The travel programme/itinerary will be subject to the approval of Sangeet Natak Akademi.
6. Normally a project costing up to Rs. 35,000/- may be considered under the programme subject to leaving expenses not covered under the grant except for the training programme.

Physical Targets

(1) The scheme aims to support time bound and well-defined areas of artistic activity and/or research by practicing performing artistes and scholars in the field of performing arts. 1. The grantee, under the scheme, will be required to submit reports of the work endorsed by the guru/guide. The work report will be assessed by experts in the field as appointed by the Akademi. 2. The Akademi reserves the right to terminate the grant if the reports are not submitted or found unsatisfactory any time after the assessment of the work done after the first six month. 3. In case of higher-level study taken up in training or practice of the performing arts the Sangeet Natak Akademi reserves the right to present the first performance after completion of the training programme. 4. In the case of academic research projects undertaken the projects reports, papers, dissertation, etc. will be first submitted to the Akademi for consideration under its own publication programme. 5. All documents related to the project under the scheme will be made available to the Akademi including recordings, data, photographs, manuscripts, etc. Equipment/instrument purchased with the prior approval of the Akademi will not be encumbered or disposed of without the approval of the Akademi.

Procedure for the Release and Accounting of Grants

(i) Within thirty days of issue of a detailed sanction letter indicating clearly the terms and conditions and quantum of the grant offered, acceptance from the institution concerned, in the form of an Assurance Certificate must be received by the Akademi. Failure on the part of the institutions to respond within the stipulated time will entail cancellation of the sanction and diversion of the grant to other institutions.
(ii) Grants will be released in two installments of 75% and 25%. Where grants are to be released for the first time (i.e. where accounts for any past grant do not remain to be rendered to the Akademi), the first installment of the grant will be released soon after the receipt of the Assurance Certificate and a stamped receipt for the amount from the institution concerned & certificate that the Grant was not received from the Department of Culture for the same purpose.
(iii) Where any grant has been given in the previous year(s), the first installment of 75% of the current year's grant will be released on receipt of (a) the Assurance Certificate mentioned in the preceding paragraph and (b) the Utilization Certificate for any past grant(s) duly signed by an office-bearer of the institution together with detailed statement of expenditure.
The second installment of 25% of the current year's grant will be released on receipt of the Utilization Certificate in respect of the past grant(s) duly countersigned by a Chartered Accountant. The Utilization Certificate should also contain his dated remarks relating to the grant, with particular reference to its utilization on the terms and conditions of the grant, together with a detailed statement of expenditure incurred and an audited statement of accounts in respect of previous grants.
(iv) Where the grants are received in more than one installment stamped receipts will be obtained in respect of each installment of the grant so released.
(v) Grants should be released to the concerned institutions before the 15th of February of each financial year. Grants for such of those institutions as have been detained for failure to render the Utilization Certificate in respect of the past grant(s) will be promptly diverted after the said date and made available to other institutions as may be decided by the Chairman of the Grants Committee and the matter reported to the Committee and the Board at their next meeting.

N.B. The Sangeet Natak Akademi may assign specific projects suo moto to identified individual scholars under stipulated terms and conditions.
( i ) Suitable machinery for monitoring the project for training, study and survey etc. may be worked out by the office.
( ii ) Any of the above condition may be relaxed by the Secretary of the Akademi in deserving cases. (Approved by the Executive Board at its meeting held on 7-8 June, 1991)